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About COmpany Z Dance

Note that the Company Z Dance Trust wound up in 2017 and is no longer operative as a dance institution. This website is being maintained solely for the purpose of being an archive of the Company's activities.

Company Z Dance was a registered Charitable Trust. (2006-2017)

Company Z Dance was a responsive and self-sufficient organization that delivered a wide range of artistic work through its collaborations, partnerships and creative output. Dance, art, music, the environment, the literary arts, education and technology, all interacted and played in the work the company produced.

"We aspire to bring focus to what remains a mystery to us and endeavour therefore to examine the relationship that explores the principles of the creative act and its relevance in society"

Company Z Dance Trust

Contact for enquiries:

Timothy Gordon
Dr David Griffiths, Secretary
Dr Anatole Bogatski

Note that Company Z Dance Trust ceased operations in 2017.

Professor Emeritus Hilary Le Mieux

Artistic Director
Timothy Gordon

Staff and Management
Rehearsal Director Shanelle Lenehan
Administration Support Izumi Yoshizawa-Griffiths
Website Configuration Izumi Yoshizawa-Griffiths

Dancers that participated in performances
Benny Ord
Estelle Vermeulen
Izumi Yoshizawa-Griffiths
Simon Pointon
Britt Carter
Caroline Gray
Shanelle Lenehan
Sophia Kalogeropoulou
Sabrina Mandrawata
Emily Adams
Chris Kroukamp
Debbie Fulford
Warren Bruce Muller
Daniel Cooper
Sean Kroukamp
Guest Artists
Juliet Fisher
Mary Jane O'Reilly

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